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Take A Load Off With Houston Corporate Car Services & Transportation

How Using A Corporate Car Service In Houston For Business Trips Can Reduce Stress And Increase Efficiency

There are countless people who have to travel for work. This can be for seminars, training or some other business-related activity. Regardless of the reasons you must take a trip, there are many factors involved that can make this a positive experience. When traveling, being in an unfamiliar place and having endless work responsibilities can make for a very stressful experience. In many cases, details of the trip are handled by someone in the office. They are tasked with scheduling and making sure there is an itinerary in place for you to follow. This is one component of a relaxing trip, but there is something else to consider as well. Once you arrive in a new city, you may be stuck without a way to get around. While you can rent a vehicle and spend most of your time trying to navigate this new place, it can be easier to hire a car service. According to Federal Transportation Services, there are many benefits that are associated with hiring a car service for your next business trip:

Car Services Are Familiar With The Area

When you are traveling for work, there is a chance that you are not aware of how to get around. Even if there is some knowledge of the general surroundings, it is not likely one will be aware of all streets, best routes, and traffic patterns. When you work with a car service, the drivers can get you from point A to point B in a timely manner. They can let someone know the best time to depart in order to reach their destination on time. Local knowledge from the driver can ease some of the stress and save you time in the long run. You will not have to worry about arriving late.

Parking Will Not Be An Issue

There may be rules and regulations on parking in this new location that is different from where you live. As a result, you may park in the wrong place and end up parking in the wrong place. This can lead to parking violations, fines and towing. Most business trips require you to be in the center of a city, and this is where parking is typically the trickiest. When hiring a car service to transport you, this is not something you will have to worry about. It is also very convenient to be dropped off at the front door and not have to worry about finding parking and walking farther than you would like. Since parking will not be an issue, you will be able to save time and have more opportunities for leisure. Basically, the idea is for you to hire a car service so you can focus on all of the job-related reasons for the trip and have time to spare so you can explore your surroundings. Call us today or contact us now for more information! Read more

Federal Transportation Services Is Prepared To Take You Anywhere With Our Fleet Of Vehicles

Limousine Services in Houston, Tx

It is very important to get places safely. You can rest assured knowing that the vehicles owned by limousine companies are checked on a regular basis and are well-maintained. Strict policies are adhered to for annual services, oil changes, and other types of maintenance. A limo company would not look too good if their cars were constantly breaking down or the check engine lights and low-oil warnings were lighting up on the dashboard constantly. So the next time that you would like to arrive at an event in style, the following are some of the best options that are available to you.

Lincoln Town Car

This is a four-door sedan that accommodates up to four is the ultimate limousine and for corporate travel, the Lincoln Town Car is very popular. Some of the best features that this limo comes equipped with are climate control, CD player, AM/FM stereo, leather seats, and the ability for rear seat passengers to move the passenger seat in front of them forward. The Town Car has been repeatedly named by Forbes magazine is one of the top cars for being chauffeured in along with the Lexus LS, BMW 7-Series, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The Signature L comes with 60 inches of rear shoulder room and 46.9 inches of rear legroom. The Lincoln Town car was the very first sedan produced to receive the U.S. five-star crash ratings in all categories.

Cadillac Escalade – Luxury SUV

The Cadillac Escalade provides you with all of the experience and features you could expect to come from an extra-large utility vehicle. It seats up to 7 passengers and their luggage. Luxury SUVs are perfect for groups wanting to travel together and getting to a destination in style while enjoying the views. The Escalade is Cadillac’s full-size luxury SUV. It was the first major entry by Cadillac into the SUV market and has a majority of the safety features that would expect a large SUV to have. It has obtained good ratings, including from the stringent testing by the federal government’s NCAP testing system.

Limousines, Ultra Stretch and Stretch Limos

Limos are luxury sedans that have a lengthened wheelbase. Stretch limousines seat 8 and come with features such as a leather interior, mirrored ceiling, fiber optic lighting, privacy divider, tinted windows, moon roof, plush bar, CD player, VCR, and TV. The ultra-stretch limousine seats 10 passengers and is equipped with all of the options that come with stretch limos.

Group Or Large Family Vans

Large vans are able to seat 5 to 4 passengers along with plenty of luggage space. The roomy seating offers more headroom, elbowroom, and legroom. These vans are perfect for group activities and trips to the airport. When you are planning a trip with a big group of people, the main goal is making it enjoyable for everybody. That can be hard to do when there are children involved. whenever people become uncomfortable, bickering and complaining will follow and that can result in a decrease in the group’s moral and it will seem like the ride is taking forever. Call us now or contact Federal Transportation Services for immediate assistance. Visit our blog for more related articles. Read more

Car Facts From Houston Locals Federal Transportation Services

Facts About Limousines, Lincoln Town Cars, Ultra Stretch Limos And Other Similar Vehicles In Houston, Tx

When you need to get somewhere you want to be able to do it safely. When you choose to use a limousine company the vehicles will be well maintained and they are professionally checked. The company will have policies in place that ensure that regular maintenance, annual services, and oil changes are done as they should be. If a limo were to have an oil warning light showing or if it broke down regularly it wouldn’t take long before that would tarnish the company’s reputation. Don’t just arrive at an event on time, do it in style. There are a number of options you can choose from.

The Well-Appointed Lincoln Town Car

This is perhaps one of the best-known vehicles of this type and it is a four-door sedan that can hold up to four passengers. This type of limousine is very popular when used for corporate travel. They will typically include leather seats, climate control, AM FM stereo, CD player, and passenger seats can move forward to make them more comfortable. This car is often compared to the Mercedes Benz S-Class, the Lexus LS, and the BMW 7 Series for its popularity as one of the best cars to be chauffeured in. The Signature L has 46.9 inches of legroom and 60 in of shoulder room. It was the first car made in the US that was able to get a 5-star crash rating in all categories.

The Cadillac Escalade

This luxury SUV has everything you would want in an extra large sport utility vehicle including the ability to hold 7 people and luggage. It is great when you have a sizeable group and you want to all travel together to enjoy the great views along the way and the ability to arrive at your destination in style. This was the first of Cadillacs luxury entries into the SUV Market and it has the type of safety features that you would want and expect. It has top ratings in tests done by the federal government.

Stretch And Ultra Stretch Limousines

These are luxury sedans that have had their wheelbase extended. A stretch limo will typically have enough seating for 8 people. Features such as a plush bar, tinted windows, fiber optic lighting, privacy divider, CD player, VCR, TV, leather interior, and mirrored ceilings are available. The ultra stretch version can take up to 10 passengers and will have similar amenities as the stretch limo.

Group Or Family Vans

A large van can take up to 14 passengers and still have room for luggage and other cargo. They typically have plenty of headroom, elbow room, and leg room. These are the perfect choice for a group trip to the airport or elsewhere. It’s important for the trip to be enjoyable for all concerned when planning one that includes a large number of people. If children are involved it can be a bit more tricky. If they are comfortable they will complain less which will mean the ride will be much more enjoyable. Call us now or contact Federal Transportation Services for immediate assistance. Visit our blog for more related articles. Read more

Five Pro Tips To Save On Business Travel With Houston Transportation Services

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How To Save On Business Travel Expenses With Federal Transportation Services

Business travel can be a very tiring price of doing business in many industries, but it is also a very necessary part of getting things done. For those of us who are caught up in being the ones who need to travel from place to place for our own business, or on behalf of who we work for, the excitement can quickly fade away. You have to get up early, get to the airport (often hours early), catch a flight, hit a strict and often overloaded schedule, put out high energy to put your best foot forward for clients, often get up early for an early morning flight (or late night red-eye flight), get home, and get back to work. This is not only exhausting but when you start adding together all the expenses for lodging, travel tickets, on-site transportation or car rentals, meals, business-related entertainment, and more, it really begins to add up quickly. Even a single short trip can end up costing a serious amount of money. This multiplies quickly if it is more than one person who is traveling. This is obvious to most people, and painfully so to you if you are the person footing the bill or having to go over the books to make it work. When it comes to business travel, you definitely want to take smart steps to limit your costs. Read on for some of our top professional tips to help you save on business travel.

Manage Your Rewards Programs

You should never spend on a credit card for the sake of rewards, but if the expenses are mandatory, you mine as well use the best credit card rewards programs possible to stack up free rooms, free travel perks, free points of any kind to get something to get savings on future travel. In addition to this, if business traveling is going to be a regular thing then you need to sign up for rewards programs related to travel. Virtually every airline has travel perks, all major hotel chains have rewards programs, and these can give discounts up front in addition to points for freebies later. Even Amtrak has rewards programs for anyone who just refuses to travel by air. Using a rewards business credit card with a rewards program will often allow you to not only double up on points, but it will also let you often get discounts up front while building up freebies for the future. If you’re not taking advantage of this for expenses you’ll have anyway, you’re missing out big time.

Book As Far Ahead As Possible

The further ahead you can book your tickets and make reservations, the better the deal you can get. In addition to this, when there are more open rooms you have a better chance of negotiating a lower price whether online or via phone. Always call to try to get a better deal with hotels. You would be amazed how often you can get 10-15% off the best Internet price if you call ahead early enough. The earlier you can start booking, the cheaper the overall cost will end up being.

Take Virtual Meetings When Possible

Is that trip really necessary? While there are standard conferences and times you need to meet with clients or partners in person, the smart use of technology can often eliminate many of these travel expenses or at least minimize them. If things can be done virtually, make a habit of going that route. Business Skype and many other even better programs made video chat a viable option and can save everyone lost hours in travel as well as a lot of expense.

Actively Seek Partners

This works really well finding a “transportation provider” if you travel enough. Whether it’s getting a special corporate rate on airlines or permanent discounts for rental cars, finding partners who can work with you on a consistent basis and will give you a break to do so. This can work for consistently booking with a hotel chain, as well, or consistently booking the same seminar spaces. Actively creating partnerships can lead to big savings, and don’t be afraid to look for niche providers.

Review Your Travel Policies

While you never want to skinflint your employees to the point where they’re skipping meals or subsisting on the McDonald’s menu for all three meals (you’ll never retain top talent if you go this route) it is worth reviewing your travel policies every so often. Do you pay out too much in transportation? Do employees get to pocket unused food budget? How is anything tracked? Be willing to experiment to find that happy medium where you spend less but also still take care of anyone traveling on your business’s behalf. If you follow these tips to cut down business travel expenses you’ll start getting a lot happier with the bottom line numbers. Call us now or contact us today if you have any questions! Read more

Look Like A Big Shot With Professional Houston Transportation Services

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Make An Excellent First Impression For Your Business With High-Quality Transportation Services In Houston

If you are serious about presenting your company in a positive light, you should focus on making an excellent first impression on your business associates, clients, and investors. If you really want to impress someone, you don’t have to wait until they visit your office in person. Instead, you can provide them with professional transportation services. Everyone likes to feel important. Sending a driver to pick up your clients or business associates in a luxury vehicle is an excellent way to create a powerful image for your company. More than that, however, it is also an effective relationship building tool since it shows people that you value and appreciate them.

Professional Clients

Staying on good terms with your clients is absolutely essential if you want to keep your business running. Taking steps to make your clients feel valued and important is a great way to keep their business. Any time you meet with your clients, you should make sure that your surroundings accurately reflect the quality of your company. Going above and beyond to create a professional atmosphere is important. One essential component of that involves hiring a transportation service to help your clients get around.

Business Investors

Finding and keeping investors is a vital part of growing your business. By providing your company with much-needed capital, investors breathe life into your business. It is extremely important to present your company in the right light anytime you meet with current or potential investors. It isn’t about trying to pretend that you have more money than you do. Instead, it is about letting investors know that you take your business seriously. Using professional transportation services is an excellent way to help investors see your business in a positive light. They are far more likely to feel confident about their investment if you make a good impression on them.

Guest Speakers

If you are bringing in outside speakers for an upcoming event, it is important to treat them with the respect that they deserve. After all, they are doing your business a favor by making time to participate in your event. One way to let your speakers or presenters know how much you appreciate their services is by hiring a professional transportation service to pick them up at the airport when they arrive. This small gesture can go a long way toward making them feel welcome and appreciated.

Transportation Services For Conferences & Events

Anytime you hold a conference or event, you should make sure that your attendees have a great experience. Whether you want to hire professional transportation for just a few of your guests or for all of your attendees, there are a lot of options available. Most transportation companies not only offer luxury cars but also provide access to high-end shuttles and buses. Providing your attendees with this type of high-quality transportation is the best way to ensure that they have an excellent time. Paying attention to the needs of your guests can not only help you attract new clients but can also make it easier to keep your existing business relationships strong. Call us now if you have any immediate questions! Read more